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      1. Forgive me too if I insist about your support sources. Which company are you working for? Do they pay your trips? Thanks for your response.


  1. My apology if I did not read all of your blog as I have just discover.

    May I enquire:
    1. Do you travel without check in baggage?
    2. Yes, packing methods and handling individual airline check in counter.

    Utmost TQ


  2. Just wanted to say you are an inspiration!
    After going through your blog, I just discussed with my friend and decided to plan and cover all the 11 South-East Asian countries in the next 2 years. We’ll be staying in Thailand for this duration for work purpose, so it’s a great opportunity for us now.
    We both are earnest travelers and your post further fueled the fire within. Thank you!


    1. Woohoo!!! Your comment made my morning! Thank you for writing. Keep me posted on how both your exploration across South East Asia goes. It will be an amazing and exciting 2 years ahead!

      Venture also outside SEA and some other nearby countries like Papua New Guinea while you’re at it! Take up diving too!! That will enrich the traveling experience – visit Sipadan in Borneo, Raja Ampat in West Papua, Tubbataha Reef in Philippines, etc.


      1. Thank you for your suggestions…will surely try to visit those places too!
        This year end, we are going to Bali and Gili Islands. We have plan to go for Scuba Diving there, for the first time in our lives! Really excited about it!


    1. Tough to say as we flew to Constable Point by ourselves – I wouldn’t know how much hiring your own private plane would cost.
      From Constable Point to Ittoqotoomiit it was about 150usd for the helicopter flight, accommodation you can expect to pay around 200usd per night at the airport hotel.
      Some other prices we were quoted as below:
      A trip with our local guide to Kap Tobin and the Hot spring. 4500 DKK the same day for your arrival.
      A snowmobile trip to Kap Høegh and way back home thought Horsens Fjord. 10500 DKK
      5000 DKK for snowmobile transfer from Ittoqqortoormiit to Constable Point, for 2 snowmobile. 5000 DKK
      The Guesthouse for 2 night double room 1400 DKK the Guesthouse for 2 night 2 single rooms 2200 DKK


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