My 6 months as a backpacker across 34 countries and 5 continents

8 thoughts on “My 6 months as a backpacker across 34 countries and 5 continents”

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Syazwani. I wish to travel like you one day. I need to save though… but it is so good to hear what you have done, how you have done it,… it is truly inspirational!

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  2. This is great information!! .I have a few questions I wanted to ask you. How do you do your research on which places you can visit in a country?
    Do you ever pack expensive clothes/ things to get great pictures at the beautiful places you go to?
    How do you manage to stay healthy getting all your required nutrients (I am asking this because, I cannot manage my diet properly in the rush and excitement of visiting new places. ) ?

    I am now a huge fan of yours and I already started saving money and planning to visit all the places I dreamed to go of.


    1. wow lots of good questions here. The thing is I have a list of places I want to go to and I keep adding more places to that list – so usually by the time I do book my tickets somewhere, I already have years of planning invested into it. But in general, just lots of googling the obvious questions like “top places to visit in XYZ”, best restaurants. Also good to look at tour companies to see the popular routes and destinations they do. I pack clothes I need – if I know I need an outfit for a special dinner or event, then yes I pack something nice enough, nothing particularly expensive in my wardrobe I would ever bring along.

      It was a bit more of a challenge on the food side during this 6 months of travel for the different cuisines across very different parts of the world, but also on my budget. I was aware of what I was eating and tried my best to have a balanced diet. Now however with a full-time job, the longest holidays we do would be 3 weeks in which case I don’t really watch what I eat, but just enjoy the culinary journey.

      All the best and keep me posted on your travel adventures please!


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