Where are you from?

4 thoughts on “Where are you from?”

  1. People have thought I was from Honduras. Others that I was from Egypt. Others from Sudan. In Dakar, taxi drivers spoke to me in Wolof, as they took me for a Senegalese. While others have thought I was from Colombia! Some also have thought I was from France or Great Britain! At some point, I was told I looked Jamaican! In Rwanda, people mistook me for a Congolese. In South Africa, locals started speaking to me in Zulu or Xhosa to me. Interesting indeed.


  2. You definitely look like a north Indian! 😀 ….you have a rich travel experience! I have been to Hungary many times and stayed there often and after a while, as you become confident and get used to surrounding and people, people starting talking to me in Hungarian as If I was one of them and I was like (how an Indian look like an Hungarian by any chance?) ..I guess it all about blending in when it comes to travel! Similarly in Indonesia, I used to go on Business tours and my fellow client team used to tell me I look like an Indonesian..lol…so it happens a lot for me as well now! 🙂


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